take risks & save the world

There’s nothing abstract about the challenges facing our communities. From the opioid epidemic to generational poverty to the rural housing crisis to countless other issues, our communities have real problems that need to be solved, and they need to be solved today. While our democratic government does have a role to play when it comes to proposing solutions, the most creative imaginations in our communities need to put their minds to work. That’s where you come in.

Welcome to your new school. It’s a place where math problems might investigate the budget of your local Meals on Wheels, where writing assignments could result in thousand dollar grants, and where your social studies homework may require a sit-down meeting atop a deer stand somewhere deep in the woods. It’s a school that will challenge you mentally, physically, and emotionally, but when you’re successful, you’ll develop an authentic record of achievement and the kind of reputation that comes from starting a business that actively improves your community.

how the program works

The Social Entrepreneurial program begins with a year-long series of seminars to introduce you to the concepts and processes involved with running your own business. You’ll explore all the elements of entrepreneurship by investigating the ins and outs of your local market, developing an understanding of finances and regulations, analyzing legal issues related to staffing and insurance, and examining ways to grow and manage your business.

In your second year with the program, you’ll begin the hard work of starting your business. You’ll explore issues facing your community and brainstorm solutions that you can begin to implement. You’ll consider ethical issues surrounding your business idea and the complexity of trying to solve a real-world problem while respecting the multiple viewpoints of all those involved. You’ll build a complete business plan for your idea and apply for a loan from the school if necessary. Finally, you’ll actually start and grow your business.

In your final year with the program, you’ll serve as consultant to students in their first and second year, using your experience and knowledge to help them clear any obstacles between their proposed solution and their ultimate success. In addition, you’ll act as a member of the school’s investment boardhearing and critiquing pitches from second-year students, and deciding which business ideas receive investment our investment.

Students who successfully start and grow their own business, and give back to the program in the form of their advice, earn a certificate in Social Entrepreneurialism.

more than business school

As with all of our programs, students who participate in the Social Entrepreneurial program are invited to explore other interests and take courses outside of the program. But if you choose to join the program, you’ll have, in addition to your other classes, a focused curriculum that provides you with a set of skills that you can put to work immediately, whether through continuing your business after your graduate or through the development of a resume that would be the envy of any teenager.

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