Serving students in Grades 6 – 12, LiHigh School’s Social-Entrepreneurial Program focuses each student’s education on solving community-based problems through the development of their entrepreneurial skills. Students conceptualize innovative solutions that have value in the real world, collaborate with classmates and with community members to bring those solutions to fruition, and celebrate their successes through public exhibitions of their work. The students are supported by LiHigh School staff, as well as by professional mentors, small business owners, and community activists. When they graduate from LiHigh School, they’ll have the social-entrepreneurial skills they need to be successful and to make a difference in their community.

Along with the social-entrepreneurial curriculum, students pursue their high-school diploma by achieving academic excellence in a group of five Learning Goals: Communications, Social Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Empirical Reasoning, and Personal Qualities. Using project-based learning, individualized learning plans, and professional internships, each student is able to strengthen their abilities while following their passions and interests.

Our Social-Entrepreneurial Program is designed for students who have been bored or unmotivated in the traditional classroom setting. With the opportunity to follow their passions serving as the basis of their education, LiHigh School students are eager to come to school each day because they know that when they get here, they’ll be able to do what they love, become better skilled at it, and think more deeply about it than they ever have.

As one of our students wrote on his Facebook page at the end of last year, “I really hope other people look at LiHigh, because I’m sure it will change your life just like it has changed mine.”

About The Advisors

Kyle CallahanKyle Callahan
Joining our Social-Entrepreneurial program in our inaugural year, Kyle has been involved with progressive education for well over a decade, first as a student and then as an educator. Kyle graduated from the Progressive Program at Green Mountain College in 2006, where he studied philosophy, literature, and creative writing. He pursued his Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at Goddard College, the nation’s premiere institution for progressive education. After receiving his M.F.A., Kyle returned to Green Mountain College as an Adjunct Professor in Creative Writing and Communications, which is a role he continues to fill today while also working here at LiHigh School. Originally from the Boston area, Kyle now lives in Poultney with his wife and daughter.

Stuart GerrolStuart Gerrol
Stuart came on board at LiHigh School in the Fall of 2013, primarily as a mathematics and science teacher, and while he now works full time as an advisor in our Social Entrepreneurial program, he also works one-on-one with students in the Therapeutic program. Stuart became involved with progressive education while attending Vermont College. Having benefited from their individualized learning model, Stuart’s educational philosophy centers on supporting learners in their own individualized learning paths. After fifteen years working as a public school teacher, Stuart feels as though he has finally found a professional home at LiHigh. He has a passion for history and sustainable food systems and served as the director of an organization that involved students in living history events. Stuart lives with his partner, Jen, on their homestead in Tinmouth, where they continually experiment with methods of sustainable food production.

Kyle’s and Stuart’s work is supported by our co-directors, Greg Rosenthal and Zohara Zarfati, as well as the rest of the staff in our Therapeutic program. Greg is the owner of LiHigh School, while Zohara, our special educator, also runs a small educational-consulting business of her own, making both of them successful social-entrepreneurs in their own right, and the perfect mentors for our students to follow.