LiHigh School is one of only a few therapeutic schools in the state of Vermont. While we are approved by the state to provide special education services for a variety of diagnoses, we specialize in students who have been diagnosed with emotional and/or behavioral disorders who have also experienced trauma.

We welcome all initial inquiries by students, community members, family members, mental health providers, educational agencies, and state agencies. Local school-district offices or state educational agencies can make formal student referrals. Funding is coordinated through the Special Education LEA and school district offices.

Students are selected for admission to the school based on the recommendation of the individual’s treatment and IEP team with LEA approval and support. Students whose teams identify the need for highly individualized instruction and therapeutic activities along a wide continuum can ultimately be enrolled  with us.

For more information or to get started with the registration process, please contact our School Administrator, Greg Rosenthal, at (802) 488-4191 or contact us today.

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