Name: LiHigh School
Address: 28 Depot Ave, Poultney, VT 05764
Phone: (802) 287-2411


  • School Administrator: Greg Rosenthal (
  • Special Educator: Suzanne Carpenter (
  • Operations Manager: Kyle Callahan (
  • Program Managers:
    • Stuart Gerrol (
    • Cedric Hingray (
    • Nicole Graves (

Program Description:
LiHigh School builds individualized learning plans around the interests, needs, and challenges of each student. We ask students to conceptualize innovative projects with value in the real world, collaborate with classmates and community members to bring those projects to fruition, and celebrate their successes through public exhibitions of their work.

Students pursue their high-school diploma by achieving academic excellence in a group of five Learning Goals: Communications, Social Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Empirical Reasoning, and Personal Qualities. Using project-based learning, individualized learning plans, professional internships, and college-level courses, each student is able to strengthen their abilities while following their passions and interests.

Assessment at LiHigh School comes in three major forms: public exhibitions, learning plan meetings, and narrative evaluations. At exhibitions, which can last between five and forty-five minutes, assessment is provided by the audience through open discussions and verbal questioning. At learning plan meetings, assessment comes from direct feedback provided by the student’s Learning Plan team, which includes their advisor, their parents or guardians, and their case manager. Finally, the narrative evaluation allows the case manager to paint a full portrait of each student, discussing how they’ve progressed and what challenges they still need to face. Students are not given grades during our assessments, nor are they ranked against each other. Generally speaking, our assessment is highly personal and conversationally based.

Graduation Requirements:
Instead of grade levels, LiHigh School students are divided into three different phases, each of which comes with their own set of expectations before the student can progress to the next phase. The expectations are broken into six categories, one for each of the five Learning Goals, and a general category that includes expectations related to community service, college planning, etc. To graduate, the student must complete all of the expectations of the third phase, the most significant of which is a senior capstone project where they are instructed to “make the world a better place” by organizing the efforts of adults who are not affiliated with the school (e.g., planning and running a benefit concert for the victims of the Haiti earthquake or organizing a mural-painting project to invigorate the local downtown). The capstone is accompanied by a 10-page research paper related to the focus of the project.

The curriculum at LiHigh School consists of content-based seminars, skill-based workshops, professional internships, independent projects, and college-level courses.

Because each student’s curriculum is based on their passions and interests, there is no set method that applies across the board; however, the phase-level expectations provide a central core of skills that each student must demonstrate before they progress. By the time they graduate, students will have developed portfolios that satisfy close to 100 specific expectations, including (but not limited to):

  • Completing 225 hours of internships and/or shadow days
  • Completing 120 hours of community service
  • Taking at least one college-level course
  • Completing at least eight independent projects with significant depth
  • Demonstrating significant progress in the five Learning Goals

Therapeutic Services:
LiHigh School also provides therapeutic services to all of our students to provide support for all of the  social-emotional issues that beset today’s teenagers. This includes general education students as well as special ed. students who have been diagnosed with with emotional-behavioral issues, learning disabilities, learning impairment, autism, or other health-related issues. In addition to their phase-level expectations, every student in the school is actively working on at least three therapeutic goals to help them become well-functioning members of society.

Our school is located in the village of Poultney, a rural town on the western border of central Vermont, with a vibrant Main Street and a population of roughly 3,500 residents. Poultney is also home to Green Mountain College, a perennially top-ranked school for environmental education and sustainability, whose courses and campus our students have access to.

Accreditation & Memberships:
LiHigh School is an approved independent school accredited by the State of Vermont. LiHigh School is also a member of the Vermont Independent Schools Association.

Enrollment: 31 students, ages 11-19
Faculty: 22, with a mixture of Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees

CEEB Code: 460331

Class of 2017

  • Number in class: 0
  • Entered a 4-year college: 0%
  • Entered a 2-year college: 0%
  • Entered military service: 0%
  • Entered workforce: 0%

Class of 2016

  • Number in class: 1
  • Entered a 4-year college: 100%
  • Entered a 2-year college: 0%
  • Entered military service: 0%
  • Entered workforce: 0%