The LiHigh School Culinary Institute serves as the central hub for both our Social-Entrepreneurial and Therapeutic programs, as well as serving as the main resource for our student-driven restaurant, Localmotive.

Students in our Social-Entrepreneurial program use the Culinary Institute as a living lab for the development of their entrepreneurial skills. Students helped develop the business plan for Localmotive, researching market conditions, developing financial statements and projections, and adjusting the plan to address our real-world obstacles. Students also partake in planning appropriate programs to help the Culinary Institute thrive.

Students in our Therapeutic program use the Culinary Institute to develop critical life and career skills, including an understanding of nutrition, the ability to prepare and cook food, the communication skills to work with the public, and the ability to succeed in a professional setting.

As the Institute develops, we’ll be offering programs for the entire community of local students, local businesses, and local families. Our vision for the Institute includes adult workshops in the preparation of various cuisines; after-school programs in cooking and entrepreneurialism; a fine-dining room and catering service where families can enjoy student-prepared meals made from fresh, local ingredients; and the opportunity for small business owners to rent our commercial kitchen to prepare their sauces, salsas, pickles, frozen meals, etc. for the commercial market.

For more information, contact our co-director, Greg Rosenthal, or follow us on Facebook.