Working with Salem Art Works

Devin works with an artist at SAW to learn about Computer Assisted Design

For the past year, thanks to a partnership established by our staff member, Annie Daley, our students have been able to work the professional artists at Salem Art Works (SAW) in Salem, NY.

SAW “supports emerging and established artists dedicated to creating new, progressive work, and promotes understanding and appreciation of contemporary art within the region.”

Through our relationship with SAW, our students have participated in hands-on workshops on welding, glass blowing, blacksmithing, and masonry.

While all of our students have loved the work at SAW, two of our students have responded with so much enthusiasm that they’ve gone back again and again on an independent basis. One of the students has participated in SAW’s famous “Festival of Fire,” where artists from across the country gather together at SAW to exchange techniques, ideas, and resources with one another.

Devin working on his sculpture

Another student, Devin, took his interest in the artwork even further by starting an independent project that sees him traveling to SAW twice a week to work closely with their resident artists. His first project was a scratch-mold bowl, which he made by taking a mold from a regular bowl, scratching unique designs into it, and then pouring molten iron into it. He then polished and glazed the iron to make himself a beautiful (and heavy) iron bowl.

His next project is to make his own aluminum furnace. For that, Devin asked for a grant from School Congress to purchase materials that will allow him to create a furnace for our school. He hopes to have the furnace complete by the time Spring arrives.

This relationship with SAW has been so fantastic for our students. It’s expanded the opportunities made available to them and connected them with expert artists in a wide variety of fields. Thank you so much to Annie and to the people at SAW for helping to enrich our students’ lives.