Seeking Support for Our New Garden

We’re starting a school community garden this next season to grow food for our students and school kitchen at our off-campus site in Wells. This project will be a lesson in not only how to grow food, but also how to consume the food grown. LiHigh staff with expertise in gardening will help guide our students in growing the veggies, while the school kitchen will work with students to teach them how to prepare the veggies grown.

The students involved in the garden project have been corresponding with local farmers, such as Kris Jacoby-Stevenson at Old Gates Farm in Castleton and Scout Proft, the Farm to Community Mentor from NOFA VT, to gather as much knowledge as we can from our local farmers. As the students plan our garden, they’ve received generous donations of garlic seed from Purple Burdock Farm and vegetable seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds.

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot more to gardening than just seeds. Our students would like to continue to reach out to the local community for more support. They are looking for compost to enrich the garden soil, a hula hoe and weed wacker to help weed the rows, trays to start seeds, a garden rake, a sharp hoe, and a broad fork.

If you would like to help out the students in their garden endeavors, please contact Colleen or Monica at (802) 287-2411 or email Colleen at Our students would love to talk more with you and share their vision for their garden!

Thank you in advance for your generosity