This Week in the Social Entrepreneurial program

National Mental Health Awareness Week
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, so both Stuart’s and Kyle’s advisories will be focusing on issues of mental health during our first block all week. Both advisories will look at Mental Heath by the Numbers, but then the advisories will diverge, with Stuart’s advisory concentrating on how lifestyle choices can positively or negatively influence mental health and Kyle’s advisory exploring a variety of specific conditions. Each advisory will then do a presentation on Friday that teaches the other advisory what it learned over the course of the week. In celebration of National Mental Health Day, school will also be closed on Monday, October 12th.

New Seminars Start This Week
With Public Speaking coming to a close, we’ll start two new seminars this afternoon. The first, Cultural Studies, will be led by a Green Mountain College student-teacher named Meesuka (assisted by Stuart), who will introduce the students to her native culture of Haiti and expose them to a variety of other cultures through visits to the members of Green Mountain College’s “International Club.” Students will also explore a culture of their own choice.

The second seminar, Collecting Stories, will be led by Kyle, who will guide the students’ development of their listening, speaking, and writing skills through the ancient art of storytelling. Students will interview family, friends, and strangers to collect meaningful stories, then share them in a written or spoken form with the rest of the class.

Tuesday: Apple Picking at Hick’s Orchard for Phase 1 Students
Starting this week, our staff member Giulia will be scheduling enrichment activities for our Phase 1 students, who (because of their age) may find it difficult to acquire an internship. For their first activity, Giulia will take the students apple picking at Hick’s Orchard in Granville on Tuesday. It should be a beautiful day, with a high of 68°!

Wednesday: Kyle Will Be Absent for Most of the Day
While Kyle will be here for the advisory block in the morning, he’ll be leaving at 10am for the rest of the day. One of our staff members, Casey, who works with Kyle’s advisory, will be around to pick up the slack during guided work time, and students in Kyle’s Mythology and Collecting Stories classes will have assignments to work on independently.

Thursday: School Field Trip to Middlebury
Also starting this week, staff member Nicole Graves has begun scheduling shadow days for both individual students and for the whole school. On Thursday, while one of our students is completing a shadow day at the Old Castle Theatre in Bennington, the rest of us will travel to Middlebury to meet with the owner of Vermont Soap Company, followed by a guided tour and visit to the production floor of Woodchuck Cider (don’t worry: the students won’t be trying any samples!).

Learning Plan Meetings
If you haven’t scheduled a day and time to meet with your student’s advisor this week to discuss your student’s learning plan, please do so ASAP.

Have a good week, everyone!