The World of the Quest

This month, as part of our Who Am I? term, the students in our Social Entrepreneurial program will be participating in a live-action role-playing game, where they will build fantasy-based characters, create scenarios and challenges for those characters, and then act them out using improvisational and problem-solving skills.

Today, the students used the world-building game, Microscope, to detail the scope of the fantasy world they’ll be role-playing in. The final story they told using Microscope isn’t the exact story they’ll be playing, but it does provide the baseline for the world their scenarios will exist in.

The following story was created by the group as a whole, with each student taking a turn to add some element to the overall story. No one contributed more than anyone else, making this a true team-created story.

icevolcano_fulleAt some point in time, near the island village of Kanye, a giant volcano erupted, sending a strange darkness into the sky. As the darkness crept toward the village of Kanye, it came into contact with a dog, which then turned into a rabid monster-like dog. That dog then attacked its owner, a small boy, who tried to fight it off, but failed. Instead of being killed though, the boy turned into a corrupted, monstrous version of himself, becoming the first of ” the corrupted.”

As the darkness spread, most of the villagers of Kanye became corrupted, turning into goblins and orcs. There was one homeless peasant boy, Bailey, who was immune however, and he ran off and hid from the others. Trying to save themselves, the villagers threw their founder, Kanye, to the corrupted, hoping their sacrifice would save them. They were wrong.

Meanwhile, while the volcano was erupting, thirteen different cave-dwelling creatures around the globe “changed” into magical versions of themselves during an event known as “The Changing.”

All of this led to “The Mass Destruction,” as the darkness encircled the globe, corrupting everyone and everything it touched…except for one person, a girl named Mallorica, who fell into a hole and discovered a magical stone, The Ward, which rendered her invisible to the corrupted. She kept the ward secret, sharing it with family members, but that is all.

The corruption continued to destroy everything. It even turned the plants, trees, and flower into evil, monstrous versions of themselves that would attack anyone who happened by.

The uncorrupted tried to rally themselves, and a prince arose to lead them, Prince Werner, but during one of the battles, the prince was slain on a giant rock. All of his blood puddled into an indent in the rock, and after the battle (which the uncorrupted won), the survivors burned his body on that rock. The ashes fused with the blood to create a brand new stone, but unlike the ward, this one was cursed: it evaporated all of the blood out of anyone who touched it, killing them instantly and getting stronger in the process.

Now began a period called “The Strengthening of the Magic.” The thirteen cave dwellers who had changed into magical creatures were all drawn to a beautiful, crystal cave, where their magic increased 13-fold. Bailey, the homeless immune boy from Kanye, discovered a race of gnomes living peacefully away from the corrupted and became their leader. During this period, Mallorica discovered a strange portal in the ground and fell into it, only to be deposited in the Realm of the 9 Hells, a fiery place where time speeds up. As she aged faster by the minute, she saw in the distance a golden rope, which when she touched it strengthened the magic of her ward. She passed out, and when she awoke, she was in the rubbles of the village of Kanye and years and years had passed.

Now begins “The Quieting of the Darkness,” when the uncorrupted creatures discovered that they could calm the dark cloud corrupting everybody by periodically sacrificing girls in the volcano. Hearing of this, Mallorica uses the ward to make herself invisible, and she climbs to the top of the volcano, where she gives the ward to the other girls to help them escape and sacrifices herself instead.

This leads to “The Dark & Dead Silence,” when all of the surviving creatures are stagnant in their various refuges around the globe, afraid to travel because of the corrupted animals, humans, and flora that still lurk out in the wild places of the world. During this period, the inhabitants of the village of Protecton, a small village that surrounded a giant Redwood-like tree, decided to allow themselves to die off rather than begin inbreeding, but then one of their members, a man named Giuseppe, decided to take a small band of adventurers and blaze a path through the corrupted forest to see if they can reach the nearest village over a dozen miles away. No one knows what became of them.

Somehow (and we don’t know how), the uncorrupted survivors finally discover the cure to the darkness, sending the poison cloud away forever and freeing all of the corrupted creatures and flora from the imprisonment of their cursed existence. Thus begins and ends the time of “The Liberation.”

And that is the world in which our quests will take place. The quests may take place during the First Darkness, or during the Dark & Dead Silence, or during any of the other periods, but it will take place sometime between the eruption of the volcano and the Liberation. So as the students begin to develop their characters, they’ll need to think of how those characters lived during all of that, how they experienced “the darkness,” and how they survive from being corrupted by it.