The Goat Hollow Summer Experience

10303763_556048821178717_9207159659809792537_nAlong with going on weekly hikes, venturing to Lake St. Catherine twice a week, and volunteering on local farms, students in our Summer Program will be visiting the Goat Hollow homestead in Tinmouth to experience an entire summer’s worth of homesteading projects, including:

Building A Bread Oven

Last summer, the students in the summer program built the foundation of a bread oven on the Goat Hollow property. This year, the students will build a cob dome for the oven, using their feet to mix the cob (clay, straw, and sand), their hands to sculpt it, their brains to build it, and their artistic talents to decorate it with ceramics and stone.

When the dome is finished, the students will use plaster to finish the inside of the oven and the opening, and use fire-brick clay to finish the bottom of the oven.

At the end of the summer, the students will celebrate the completion of the oven by using it to bake their own pizzas using only the freshest ingredients (including cheese from the goats at Goat Hollow).

Building a Pig Barn

While the cob, plaster, and clay dry and cure for the bread oven, the students will begin work on designing and building a pig barn from recycled and up-cycled materials, such as pallets, old cement blocks, reclaimed wood, etc. The barn will need to accommodate four to six pigs, and the students will learn what features the structure will need in order to successfully breed those pigs. They will also build a fence around the barn.

Building a Sugaring Hut

If the students are successful with the barn and there is still time left in the summer, they’ll begin work on clearing an area and using natural material to build a hut for a simple sugaring arch.

It’s sure to be a great summer, and we can’t wait for the program to start on July 1st!