Student Post: I’m Going to China!

Hello, my name is Ariella and I am a junior at LiHigh School. I am also one of twenty students from Vermont who have an amazing opportunity to go on a ten day educational trip to China this summer through the Governor’s Institute on Asian Cultures. We will be exploring historical locations and learning about Chinese culture with local high school and university students, as well as attending lectures.

I am choosing to use this trip as an opportunity to make a photo journal so others can join me on my adventure. One of the messages I would like to pass on through my photo journal is that coming from an uncomfortable financial background should not compromise my peers’ motivation to go after what they want.

Unfortunately, the trip is a little bit pricey considering that we have three months to fundraise until the full payment is due. For the next three months I will need to raise $700 each month to be able to go on this trip. For a high school student, that is a difficult goal without some help.

My mother is a single parent who is willing and wanting to support my efforts, but she is unable to help finance this trip, so I am looking for help from other people. I am seeking ideas on how to fundraise, jobs I may be able to do, and donations you may be willing to make.

Please help me go on this once in a lifetime adventure so I may share my experiences with others and show them that they can do what they set their minds to. If you have ideas, you can leave them in the comments on this post.

Thanks so much!