Student Post: What Colleen Is Thinking About

The following is written by Colleen, one of our 9th graders in the Social Entrepreneurial program. She’ll be writing a post about once a week to help her synthesize her learning. This is her introductory post.

Lately, as I’ve been reading stories and articles, or even watching TV or chatting with people, there’s something that keeps going through my mind. I’m fascinated with the many different ways that people live their lives: people who have lived in a different culture, in a different time in history, or who have chosen a different way to live in society.

It’s remarkable to think about all the people there are in this world and all the variation that goes with it: from a girl who can’t go out alone or uncovered to someone who covers their entire body in piercings; from someone who creates art and lives wherever they are to someone who has a multi-billion dollar corporation and wears a suit everyday. I wonder what causes people to live the way they do. Is it the influences and culture they’ve been around; is it the unique way that people’s minds process things and make decisions?

There are wacky things that go on in humanity, from people naming all of their sons George to people who spend hours of time to achieve the best belly flop in the world to people who are mass murderers. But it is still humanity.

There seem to be some factors that ring true throughout all of us. These are some of the things I love to hear about. Even as I’m reading an article about someone who helped create a terrorist group, I can somehow start to understand because there are emotions and values that we all have as humans.

So I’m spending some of my time this quarter (and probably the rest of my life) learning about many different people on this earth, thinking about what in people makes each of us so different and unique, and trying to define the things that make up our humanity, the things that make all of us the same.

I’m also thinking about what makes a society the way it is and how people can fit their lives into it, whether it’s truly the person and who they are that determines how they live or if their society is the dictator.

This somehow all relates to me. I’m thinking about decisions I have to make in my life and my own life philosophy. But mostly, I really just want to explore the diversity of this world as much as I can. We could all open our eyes a little more anyway.

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  1. Constance A Callahan

    Very interesting reading and impressive writing by a Ninth grader. She seems very interested in the different cultures and the diversity of people not only around her but those she will meet in the future. I look forward to her writings in the future .

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