Student Post: Into the Woods


The following was written by 7th grader, Tooti, about her independent project on the musical, “Into the Woods.”

Tooti singing from "Into the Woods"

Tooti singing from “Into the Woods”

Hi, my name is Tooti. I go to LiHigh School in Poultney. This winter, I did a project for a play I LOVE: I learned the Witch’s part from Into The Woods. It is the most amazing play with a beautiful fairytale twist.

I chose the Witch’s part because:

  • It was a very large part
  • I enjoyed the challenge
  • The Witch has a beautiful, sad, and ugly part in the play
  • The songs she sings are beautiful
  • And the Witch doesn’t die 🙂 unlike a lot of other characters 🙁

I learned all the Witch’s songs. I learned the songs by listening to them, singing along with them, and a ton of practicing them. It took a long time, but in the end it was absolutely worth it.

My mentor, Kent Baker, worked with me so I would be absolutely ready the day of my exhibition. We would meet every Friday for about an hour. He taught me how to read music and keep pitch. During the exhibition, he played the piano accompaniment for all the songs.

I thought the exhibition went well. I did mess up a couple times though, but I really enjoyed it and want to do a project like this soon. But since there’s only a month or so left in the year, I will do it next year.

I’m glad it is over so I can do other work now, but I will definitely miss it.

Author: Kyle Callahan

Hi, I'm Kyle. I'm an advisor at LiHigh School. I've been involved in progressive education since I was in high school. I was an original member (and student representative) of the Progressive Program at Green Mountain College, and for my Master's degree, I attended Goddard College, which started the trend toward progressive education in the 1960s. Along with teaching at LiHigh School, I teach courses in creative writing and communications at Green Mountain College. I live with my wife and daughter in Poultney.

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