Student Post: Taking A College Class

The following was written by Max, a 9th grader in our Social Entrepreneurial Program.

10252090_635131623234940_2081911458839297186_nI recently passed an Introduction to College class at Poultney High School that was run by Community Colleges of Vermont. This class went from Febuary 4th to April 28th and I loved every second of it. I learned everything from how to manage my time to what it’s like to be in a college environment.

I started this class with little to no motivation. I wasn’t getting to good grades in the class and my grade dropped pretty bad and I was failing. I realized I really need to step it up. So I started handing in extra credit and getting in every assignment I needed to hand in, and I ended up passing the class with an 83% and great feedback from my teacher. Here’s some of what she said.

“The progress that you had from day one to the last day was very impressive! I know you will be successful in a college experience.”

This is definitely one of my biggest accomplishments, and it has changed my thoughts on college a lot. Now I’m much more motivated to go and get a great education so I can get my dream job.