Student Post: Visiting Stafford’s Cosmetology Program

The following was written by Cassidy, a 7th grader who is working on a project focusing on fashion, hair, and makeup.

I recently visited the Stafford Center in Rutland. I went there with my classmate, Tooti. We are in the process of doing a fashion, hair and makeup project and went there to visit their cosmetology program. 

Image Copyright: Stafford Technical Center
Image Copyright: Stafford Technical Center

We first arrived under the impression we were going to have time with a few different teachers and artists individually, but it didn’t turn out that way; instead, we sat in on a hair-cutting class and then made our way down to the salon.

The class was surprisingly interesting. The teacher talked about how everyone has their own way of cutting hair and how you should pick the way that is fastest and most affective for you. We then headed down to the salon. Trained cosmology students work in the salon. They need about 900 hours working in a real salon before they can get certified as a professional. We interviewed a few stylists about why they chose this as a profession and got our nails done.

I learned it takes a lot of time to become a professional cosmetologist and everyone has a different style that works for them. I also learned that you need to be very motivated and dedicated because it is a long process. Overall, I was very impressed with the cosmetology program at the Stafford Center.