Student-Made Bracelets & Pet Collars For Sale

One of Austin's paracord bracelets
One of Austin’s paracord collars

Hi, I’m Austin and I attend LiHigh School in Poultney, Vermont. I started making bracelets when I wanted to buy them online but they were really expensive and only offered a few colors. After making my own, I gave a few to my family and had mine on at school. A lot of people asked about them, so I started my business.

I make  bracelets because I like knowing that I can make stuff on my own. Making bracelets also takes stuff off my mind and relaxes me. I would like to eventually be able to make a few bracelets everyday for people. It would also be cool if this were my job for a while.

I make bracelets out of 550 paracord, which is the cord they use for parachutes. I use the ‘Cobra Weave’ on my bracelets because it uses the most paracord, so if you had to take it apart and use the paracord, there are more options.

I have recently expanded from bracelets into collars for pets because my family has probably spent $100+ on collars for our two pets that don’t last. Paracord collars on the other hand don’t rot, mildew, mold, or tear. They will virtually last forever unless the buckle brakes or your pet grows out of it.

If you are interested in ordering a bracelet and/or pet collar, visit my shop on Etsy.