Student Post: Introducing Max

Say hi to Max!

Hello, my name is Max Miller and I’m in the 9th grade at LiHigh School. At the moment, I am starting a chocolate business with one of the other students. It is coming along very well. We are working on a business plan right now and are getting some GREAT help from Chuck Colvin, who owns the Poultney Small Business Center and who has run several businesses, such as the Poultney newspaper company.

I came to LiHigh because Poultney and Granville High Schools just didn’t work for me. I am a hands-on learner, and neither of those schools supported my way of learning. My parents knew I was struggling, and when they found a flier for LiHigh, they thought it was really interesting. So I went for a day and loved it! After a bit of talking with my parents and my school at the time, I ended up coming here.

I was always told that I wouldn’t make it far in life by teachers that supposedly knew it all. I was even told by a teacher in Poultney that I wouldn’t make it in LiHigh, that it’s too good for me , and that I wasn’t smart enough. I would fail. I will never forget that day this teacher told me that. I plan to prove that teacher wrong and show her that I CAN make it, and that I am smarter than she thinks. On the day I graduate, I want to walk up to her and hand her my diploma, just to show her that I made it further than she thought.

I have a few hobbies, including playing guitar. I come home almost every night and head straight to my room just to play guitar! I absolutely love it.

I also do magic tricks, but I especially love to do card tricks. I am known in Granville and Poultney as the “Magic Man” or “that kid that does magic tricks.” I would always show people tricks whenever I got the chance! I did the talent shows at Poultney, and everyone always liked it a lot. I will be doing tricks on December 12th at the LiHigh Winter Festival, so come check it out (along with everyone else’s talents).

This is a just little about me. I hope you enjoyed and learned a bit more. And I hope to see you on December 12th!!