Student Post: Introducing Tooti

Tooti (after letting her sister do her make-up)
(after letting her sister do her make-up)

Hi, my name is Tooti Eirmann…well, my real name is Lea-Or Toot Zarfati-Eirmann, but everybody calls me Tooti.

I am in seventh grade, although I ended up skipping sixth grade because, in order to come to LiHigh, I had to be bumped up a grade.

I turn 11 on August 20. I love to sleep, and think school should start at like 10:00 AM so people can actually sleep in, but school should still end at 3:00. I think people need to sleep more.

I am not the most organized person AT ALL, and I get distracted very easily, even though I don’t mean to.

My favorite genre of TV show would be teen horror because i don’t just like to scare myself…I LOVE to scare myself. Some of my favorite movies are Fiddler On The Roof, My Fair Lady, and The Sound Of Music.

I am Jewish but I do not go to synagogue (the equivalent of church for Jews). For preschool, I went to Tinmouth; for kindergarten, I went to the Mettowee Community School, and then I was home-schooled until the end of fourth grade. I went to Middletown Springs Elementary School for fifth grade, and now this year, I am here at LiHigh.

I love to sing and I play guitar, flute, a little ukelele, and I am learning piano. I LOVE music.

So that is a little bit about me, and I hope you say hello!

2 thoughts on “Student Post: Introducing Tooti

  1. Beth Record

    Hey Tooti! You sure have moved around a bit in school, hope LiHigh is a great fit and you find a wonderful ‘sense of place’ there. Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself. Cool you have such a connection to music.

  2. Erica Bizaoui

    Hey Tooti! I know your mom and once dissected pig eyeballs with you. Your make up looks cool!

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