Student Post: Introducing Ariella

Say hi to Ariella!
Say hi to Ariella!

My name is Ariella. I’m a tenth grader at LiHigh. Last year was my first year at the school. What pushed me to come to the school was that I didn’t have enough time for dance classes…plus, my mother is LiHigh School’s co-director. When I was at my old school, I would get home at five-thirty, take a break, do some homework, eat dinner, then do more homework and go to bed. There was no time for me to be me or to do the things I liked, especially during soccer season.

Last year, I rejected the project-based style of learning at LiHigh School and didn’t get anywhere academically or with dance. I was able to attend a few belly-dancing classes and some classes in “nia” (a type of dance), but it wasn’t enough for me. If nothing else, I did learn that being angry and stuck-up wasn’t going to get me anywhere any time soon.

So this year, I put my mind to getting over my personal feelings and do what was best for me. Now I’m part of a dance troupe (I’ve only gotten bruises from that so far), I’m doing a project on how the human brain evolved, I’m taking my third year of French, and I’m doing the math that I wanted to do last year but was too frustrated to accomplish.

Last year I learned lessons about life, and this year I’m hoping I can progress academically.

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  1. Rosemary

    Thank you, Ariella, for sharing this experience of letting your inner wisdom come through!

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