Mentors Wanted!

At LiHigh School, we believe that education is everyone’s business. Learning opportunities are everywhere, not just inside classrooms. Research tells us that we learn best when we’re personally motivated, because when we have a passion for what we are doing, learning unfolds and evolves naturally.

Mentors give our students the opportunity to learn from an adult with a similar interest. The focus on real work in a professional setting gives context and depth to the student’s learning. By developing a genuine relationship with the student, mentors teach work ethic, and they model what it means to be an adult member of our community.

Our students are currently looking for mentors in the following areas:

  • Animal Training (specifically, hamsters)
  • Evolution of the Canine
  • Evolution of the Human Brain
  • Helicopters (or pilots in general)
  • French
  • Small Business Development
  • Soap Making
  • Surgery

To be a successful mentor for our students, each mentor would demonstrate a commitment to the student’s personal growth and  learning.

The responsibilities of a mentor include:


  • Calling the advisor if a student is late or absent to the work site
  • Scheduling regular times to meet with the student intern.
  • Having regular phone or e-mail contact with the advisor.
  • Meeting regularly with the advisor at the workplace (once a month).
  • Contacting the advisor whenever there is a question.


  • Working with the advisor to plan meaningful work for your intern.
  • Identifying common interests with your intern.
  • Following through with plans.
  • Attending your intern’s exhibitions (they can be held at the workplace).
  • Attending group events for mentors.


  • Planning a work schedule with the advisor and the student intern.
  • Identifying workplace resources.
  • Helping your intern schedule his or her time daily, weekly, and by project.
  • Sharing your own time management skills and tools.
  • Encouraging student intern to use their journal for thought and reflection.

If you or someone you know is interested in working with one or more of our students, please email me (their advisor), Kyle Callahan, at

Thanks so much!