You’re Invited to our Who Am I? Exhibitions

who-am-iFor the past five weeks, the students in our Social Entrepreneurial Program have been focusing all of their efforts on answering the most important question anyone can ask: Who am I?

They’ve thought about the people and events who have influenced them; dove into the depths of their curiosities and interests; discovered what kinds of learners they are; and explored the realities of their ideal careers. And now they are ready to tell you what they’ve found.

We invite students, families, friends, and the general public to attend our first exhibition of the year on Friday evening, when each of our students will give a 10-minute speech answering the question, “Who Am I?”

Friday, October 4th, 6:30 – 8:30pm
@ The Tiny Theater on Main Street in Poultney

We truly hope you can make it.