Student Post: Introducing Colleen

Each week, one of our students will be writing a post for the blog. For the first few weeks, the posts will be short introductions into who each student is and what they’re interested in, but after that, they’ll sharing all sorts of different writings. Enjoy!

Say hello to Colleen!

Hi, I’m Colleen. I am an eighth grader in the LiHigh School Social Entrepreneurial Program. This is my first year here. I’ve been homeschooling since fourth grade.  I moved to Pawlet, Vermont when I was six,  and I live with my mom and two brothers. My mom trains diabetic alert dogs, so we have several of them. I really like dogs too.

I have my own little 15 pound dog named Willa, who is some type of terrier mix; she probably has some Jack Russell in her. I also have a pet rabbit. One thing I enjoy is riding horses. I have a horse named Turtle that I ride, and I take riding lessons, The first time I was on a horse is probably when I was three or four.

I also started reading at a very young age. At age four, I was able to read books to my preschool class. I still love reading and am always looking for new titles to read.

Being in nature is something I also love to do. I take walks in the woods or the field behind my house with my dog, or I read outdoors. I like to go on trail rides on a horse in the woods.  Sometimes I like to just sit there and experience nature. I really believe in being conscious of the environment and aware of the impact humans create. I try to stay healthy and I like eating veggies.

Staying active is also important to me. I’ve been taking ballet lessons for several years, and I’m interested in yoga or pilates.

I’m exited to be at LiHigh School, and I’m looking forward to the year ahead.