Student Post: Introducing Lizzy

Every week, one of our students will be writing a post for the blog. For the first few weeks, the posts will be short introductions into who each student is and what they’re interested in, but after that, they’ll sharing all sorts of different writings. Enjoy!

Say hello to Lizzie
Say hello to Lizzie

Hi, my name is Lizzy, but my full name is Elizabeth Catherine Carter. I got my name Elizabeth from my  great-great aunt, who was also named Elizabeth. My great-grandmother was named  Catherine. So that’s how my name is Elizabeth Catherine Carter.

I  am 12 years old. I was born in New Hampshire Hospital on October 14 ,2000. I live in a big log cabin with my family. My dad died a little while ago, so now it is my mom and my brothers. I live in Middletown Springs, and my favorite things to do in my free time is play soccer, run track, riding my golf cart, and camping. I love to go camping at Half Moon. I learned how to kayak at Half Moon and we hiked to High Hill Pond. Earlier in the summer I went to a  camp where we slept in a lean-t0. That was really fun. I stayed there about a week, and there were about seven girls in my cabin.

For books — in reading, if I have to choose a kind of book I like, I like reading mysteries. I like reading Stephen King sometimes with my grandmother as well. For music, my favorite country singer is Luke Bryant. A little while ago, my mom took me to one of his concerts.

For art, I like drawing animals a lot because how they come out on paper makes them look so cool, and when you do the background…it’s so cool. Especially cats.

A little while ago, my old cat died and I was really upset, so me and my mom went out looking for a kitten and a lady said she had some, so we went over to her house and there was Pumpkin. The lady said she got Pumpkin from a litter of three that someone had left in a box at Shaws. She was going to keep two, but I could take Pumpkin. She was really small.

I love animals. Just the other night, my brother’s hamster got out of its cage through the place where you attach the tunnels. We were looking for him for about 30 minutes. I was getting ready for bed and I looked down on the floor, and there was he was. I put him back in the cage and now he is in my room.

I have two dogs, Honey, my golden retriever, and mom’s dog, Peanut, a chihuahua. I have a bunny named Bun Bun, who is five years old. I also have a couple of fish.

I love roller coasters and doing gymnastics, especially doing cartwheels and back bends.

And that’s about me.