First Day of School!

This year's students in our Social Entrepreneurial program
This year’s students in our Social Entrepreneurial program

Our Social Entrepreneurial program for 2013-2014 has begun! We have nine incredible students ranging from 6th grade to 11th grade, and it was so fantastic to finally sit down and spend the day with all of them.

We spent our morning getting to know one another and exploring some of the ways LiHigh School is different from a traditional school, from homeschooling, and even from LiHigh School last year. We discussed what Project-Based Learning means, and how we differentiate the curriculum for each individual student.

We also spent some time exploring the ways we make choices: what influences our choices, what impedes them, and how we strategize to overcome obstacles to the choices we want to make.

In the afternoon, we kicked off our first Toastmasters meeting, during which we practiced giving two-minute impromptu speeches based on semi-random topics. For example, one student spoke for two minutes about which mythical animal she’d like to bring into existence for today’s world. Another told us the story of her most embarrassing moment. Another explained why it’s so difficult being a ghost. It was a lot of fun, with a lot of laughter, but also the development of some real skills in public speaking.

To end the day, the students participated in a short introduction to the martial arts, led by our co-director and trained martial artist, Greg Rosenthal.

All in all, it was a great first day for the Social Entrepreneurial program!