Highlights of The Week

It’s the last week of summer, and things are moving fast here at LiHigh School. All of the staff have come back from their summer breaks, and they’re working hard to plan another great year for all of our students.

One of the new things we’ll be doing on the blog this year is sharing our Highlights of the Week, which will capture all of the amazing things our students are doing in all three of our programs! Normally, the highlights will focus on student work, but with no students here this week, we’d thought we’d share a little of what our staff has been doing to prepare for the upcoming year.

Social-Entrepreneurial Program

Our advisor, Kyle Callahan, has been working on several different things this week, including a brand new website (not yet ready to launch) and lesson plans for the first few weeks of school. In addition, Kyle participated in two professional-development courses to sharpen his teaching skills for both our middle and high-school level students.

Therapeutic Program

We’ve been holding “all hands on deck” conferences this week, introducing the staff to the improvements we’ve made to the program this year, discussing the needs of our new and returning students, putting together a schedule for our one-on-one and small group classes, and collaborating on the development of each class’s learning goals. As we write this, the staff are scattered around our classrooms in the Poultney Small Business Center, some planning lessons, others working on refining current processes, and still others researching the latest best practices in special education. Seriously, this place is a abuzz with educational excellence!

Culinary Institute

Chef Bill has been putting in the hours and dedicating the energy  to getting his kitchen ready for the upcoming year. He’s met with different vendors, sorted through catalogues, and worked with the staff of our Therapeutic Program to plan unique lessons for our individual students. At this point, he just can’t wait to fire up the stove and get those students cooking. And after the food we tasted at the Welcome Party he catered this weekend, we can’t wait either!

New Building Construction

Almost there!
Almost there!

Though there’s less than week left before the students return, our construction crew is still working diligently to make sure the new building is ready to go. We’ve had different inspectors come in to make sure we’re up to code on fire safety, electricity, etc.

We also had the wizards at NYCE Designs put together a new sign to hang on the front of the new building, pictures of which we’ll be sure share as soon as we get the sign hung on the building.

It’s been a busy week, but it won’t be anything compared to when the students return. We can’t wait to get started!