Approaching the End of the Year

With April vacation in the rearview mirror, we’re now in the home stretch toward the end of the year, and everyone is starting to feel the pressure.

Three out of our four seniors still need to complete their Senior Capstone projects. All of our students are cranking on their autobiographies (depending on what grade the student is in, they have to turn in between 15 and 50 pages in just a few weeks!). And everyone is looking at their list of yearly expectations and trying to figure out how to fit them all in before the last day of school.

For those of us on staff, we’re planning our very first graduation ceremony, which involves ordering diplomas, booking a location, and establishing the rituals that belong in a LiHigh School graduation. Add on the fact that we’re starting a brand new middle-school in the Fall, with all the planning such a massive project entails, and we’re feeling the crunch just as much as our students are.

But despite all the requirements and stress and focus on the end of the year, we’re still starting new units that ask our students to continue to strengthen their skills and deepen their understanding. This week, we’ve begun a unit on family trees, which will help our students improve their research and interviewing skills, increase their knowledge of history, and develop a sense of their intergenerational selves, which research has shown can fortify an individual’s resilience to challenges.

The end of the year may be fast approaching, but the learning isn’t done yet!