This Week at LiHigh School


  • Pick Me Up: Students will share stories from the April vacation.
  • Seminar: As an introduction to our unit on family trees, students will read and discuss “The Stories that Bind Us.”
  • Book Club: Students will perform a table reading of the first act of Our Town, by Thornton Wilder
  • Independent Time: Students will have 45 minutes of independent time to work on the Earth Fair exhibition.
  • Lunch
  • Earth Fair: Students will continue work on the Earth Fair exhibition.
  • Workshop: Students will begin to develop the first branches on their family trees.
  • Reflection: Students will have 25 minutes to reflect on their day.
  • Close Out: Students will watch and discuss the short film, “With A Piece of Chalk.”


  • Independent Work: Students will have the day to attend their internships, work on their independent projects, their Earth Fair exhibition, and their college classes.



  • Pick Me Up: Students will watch and discuss Taryn Simon’s TED talk, “The Stories Behind the Bloodlines.”
  • Seminar: Students will learn to conduct historical interviews with family members to strengthen their knowledge of their family tree.
  • Independent Time: Students will have two hours of independent time to complete their work on the Earth Fair exhibition, as well as work on their individual projects.
  • Lunch
  • Quiet Time: Students will have 30 minutes of quiet time.
  • Earth Fair: Students will exhibit their work at the Poultney Earth Fair.


  • Independent Work: Students will have the whole day to work on their independent projects, including their autobiographies and their family trees.

Author: Kyle Callahan

Hi, I'm Kyle. I'm an advisor at LiHigh School. I've been involved in progressive education since I was in high school. I was an original member (and student representative) of the Progressive Program at Green Mountain College, and for my Master's degree, I attended Goddard College, which started the trend toward progressive education in the 1960s. Along with teaching at LiHigh School, I teach courses in creative writing and communications at Green Mountain College. I live with my wife and daughter in Poultney.

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