Music to Make a Difference

The following was written by 12th grader, Tom Becker, about his senior capstone project.


My name is Tom Becker, I am a student from the LiHigh School In Poultney Vermont. I am a senior, and one of my projects for senior year is a senior capstone project, which needs to be something that makes a difference in the world.

After thinking about that for sometime, I realized I had the perfect idea. I am going to Haiti in April to help build a school for Haitian children and deliver beans and rice to surrounding villages. The thing with Haiti is that they are always lacking medical supplies. My mother, being a nurse practitioner, planted the seed in my mind to create a project to raise medical supplies, simple things like tooth brushes, tooth past, bandages, and things like that.

The project……so my project. What does Poultney have a lot of? Local music. LOTS of local music. Everyone enjoys music in this town. So right away, I thought of a concert, a benefit concert to raise medical supplies — NOT money, but supplies.

After a lot of planning, we have a concert scheduled for April 5th in the Poultney Small Business Center from 6-9 pm. The benefit part comes in with the medical supplies: the admission will be medical supplies for Haiti, so a tooth brush, a tube of toothpaste, a box of band aids, etc. (see the full list of needs here). When I go to Haiti, all of the supplies will come with us and be delivered to the hospital.

I hope you can join us Friday!

Author: Kyle Callahan

Hi, I'm Kyle. I'm an advisor at LiHigh School. I've been involved in progressive education since I was in high school. I was an original member (and student representative) of the Progressive Program at Green Mountain College, and for my Master's degree, I attended Goddard College, which started the trend toward progressive education in the 1960s. Along with teaching at LiHigh School, I teach courses in creative writing and communications at Green Mountain College. I live with my wife and daughter in Poultney.


  1. Wonderful project Tom. I will be out of town this weekend but will plan to contribute! Proud of you

  2. Way to go Tom! What a great benefit you are putting together, good luck and have fun!