This Week at LiHigh School

We’ve got so many great things going on with our students that we thought it would be fun to share what we have planned each week at LiHigh School. If anything you read interests you, you are, of course, invited to join us!

Monday, February 11th

Our morning seminar will be led by one of our 9th graders, Ariella, who will teach us all about the NASA Mars Pathfinder mission, which “was designed to be a demonstration of the technology necessary to deliver a lander and a free-ranging robotic rover to the surface of Mars in a cost-effective and efficient manner.”

Joan Vance, a Foster and Kincare Specialist at UVM, will speak with the LiHigh School students on Monday morning.

After the seminar, our Community Speaker Series will continue with a visit from Joan Vance, a Foster and Kincare Specialist at the University of Vermont who will speak with the students about her career in social work, including her time spent working with the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe in Washington State.

After lunch, we’ll continue our skills workshop on model rocketry. We started designing our rockets last week, and this week, we hope to take some meaningful steps forward in their construction.

Wednesday, February 13th

Monica Irhke will continue her morning workshop with the students to develop their drawing skills. The students are participating in the VANS Custom Culture contest, which asks high school students around the country to come up with several designs for VANS shoes. The top five entries will be flown to New York City for an awards ceremony, and the winning high school will receive a $50,000 prize to be used on their art program. Monica introduced the contest last week, and this week, they’ll be refining some of their possible designs.

Dr. Mark Dailey, an anthropologist and associate professor at Green Mountain College, will speak with our students on Wednesday.

After the workshop, our Community Speaker Series will continue with a visit from Dr. Mark Dailey, an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Green Mountain College. A specialist in ecology, sustainability, and the resiliency of rural China (not to mention goats!), Dr. Dailey will share stories from his visits to China as well from his days as a young boy growing up in West Virginia.

After Dr. Dailey’s visit, the students will participate in our weekly book club, where they’ll each report back on the latest developments in their history-themed selections.

In the afternoon, LiHigh School co-director, Greg Rosenthal, will lead students through their weekly martial arts workshop.

Thursday, February 14th

Our morning seminar on the history of NASA missions will continue with another student-led presentation when 12th grader, Bradley, explains the background and findings of the Mars Exploration rovers, which “launched toward Mars on June 10 and July 7, 2003, in search of answers about the history of water on Mars.”

The seminar will be followed by two hours of independent time, during which the students can pursue their independent projects.

In the afternoon, the students will continue their self-guided math skills workshop with the resources provided by the Khan Academy. This week, we’ll be doing a review of exponents, radicals, and scientific notation.

Friday, February 15th

Students will have the entire morning to complete work on their independent projects or to participate in their internships.

In the afternoon, as a kind of celebration before February Vacation but also as part of our unit on NASA and Space, we’ll finish the week by watching the wonderful movie, Contact, which is based on a novel by Carl Sagan!

If anything we’re doing this week interests you, please feel free to join us!