This Week at LiHigh School

We’ve got so many great things going on with our students that we thought it would be fun to share what we have planned each week at LiHigh School. If anything you read interests you, you are, of course, invited to join us!

Monday, February 4th

Thano will lead our morning seminar, leading the students through a presentation on NASA’s Kepler mission (Thano was supposed to do his presentation last week, but he was out on Thursday, so we rescheduled it for Monday). According to NASA, the Kepler mission “is specifically designed to survey our region of the Milky Way galaxy to discover hundreds of Earth-size and smaller planets in or near the habitable zone and determine the fraction of the hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy that might have such planets.”

Dr. Heather Keith visits LiHigh School on Monday

Our Community Speaker Series continues with Dr. Heather Keith, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Green Mountain College. Dr. Keith’s “passions include many genres of philosophy, especially Asian philosophy, feminism, and ethics. She has traveled in Asia and Europe, and wishes she had studied more languages in college. A true “flatlander” from the great plains of Nebraska, she is especially interested in how cultural traditions in various parts of the country and world affect our views of nature and place, and in integrating those perspectives into a cohesive and rich community. When not immersed in a good book or thinking through social and logical problems with students, Heather enjoys horseback riding, hiking, playing music, skiing, and the company of her family.”

After lunch, students will continue their skills workshop with Matthew Riley, a teacher in our special-education program who also happens to have a deep love for science. Matt has been helping the students develop a science-based project for the past few weeks, and starting this week, he’ll help the kids take the first step toward building their own model rockets.

Tuesday, February 5th

After several weeks of work stoppage due to weather and scheduling, the students will travel back to Pawlet, VT, to begin putting the finishing touches on their life-size replica of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin, which they started building back in September.

Wednesday, February 6th

Students will begin the day with a 75 minute workshop to improve their drawing abilities. Led by Monica Ihrke, the workshop will continue to develop their shading, line, and perspective skills.

After the workshop, students will have 60 minutes of independent time to work on their various independent projects, followed by book club, during which the students will share the latest developments from their individual books.

Following lunch, some of the students will have independent time for the rest of the afternoon, while other students will participate in their weekly workshop on martial arts.

Thursday, February 7th

We’ll begin the final stages of our unit on the history of NASA with a morning seminar that introduces the past, current, and future missions to Mars. We’ll look at the geology of Mars, its place and history in the solar system, and the various missions that have helped us to understand the Red Planet.

After lunch, the students will continue their self-guided pursuit of math skills during our afternoon workshop. Using the incredible tools provided by the Khan Academy, the students will start reviewing Factors & Multiples, as well as operations with Fractions.

On Thursday evening, at 6:30pm, our advisor and two co-directors will travel to Middletown Springs Elementary School to conduct an Informational Session for parents and teenagers who have an interest in attending either our high school or our planned middle school.

Friday, February 8th

Students will have the entire day to complete work on their independent projects or to participate in their internships.

If anything we’re doing this week interests you, please feel free to join us!