New Mascot & New Song

We start every school morning and end every school day with a 20 minute activity that is meant to bring all of us together and help create a unified school culture. Because so much of what we do here at LiHigh School is independent-based — each student has their own learning plan, their own internship, their own projects, etc. — we need these special moments of the day to remind us that we are, indeed, all in this together.

So yesterday, during our close out session, I asked the students to take 20 minutes to brainstorm a new school mascot. We put a list of 10 different ideas on the board, then held a vote. Each student got to vote twice, with the top two choices meeting in the final round. Some of the losing entries included: the LiHigh Lemurs, the LiHigh Monkeys, the LiHigh Stone Carvers, and the LiHigh Dirty Hippies.

But beating them all out, and taking a unanimous victory in the final round was…The LiHigh School Rexfords!

What’s a Rexford, you ask? This is.

We are the Rexfords! The mighty, mighty Rexfords!

Now that we had a mascot, it only made sense to have the students compose a new school song. So this morning, that was their task. Because they only had 20 minutes to put a song together, I had them base it off the nursery rhyme, Old King Cole. This is what they came up with:

LiHigh School is very mad cool
and very mad cool are we.
We have an LTI with a pro girl or guy
who helps us become who we’ll be.
Each of us, a piece of jade,
carved through the power of Li.
Oh there’s none so rare who can compare
with LiHigh students like we.