A Letter from Our Students

We are LiHigh School LTI, a progressive school based on personalized learning. Our school wants to make sure that each of us, as students, are able to pursue our passions and aspirations. LiHigh gives us the opportunity to take a stand in our education and to learn through projects and internships that we choose.

Once we figure out what we want to do, we’re able to work with our advisor and parents to create a learning plan, a personalized vision stating each of our goals for that particular trimester. We are then able to set up an internship in the field of our interest. At the end of each trimester, we present an exhibition to a panel comprised of our peers, advisors, and community members. The exhibition demonstrates what we have been working on, the projects we have completed, how we’ve met our learning goals, and what areas still need improvement. The panel assesses our work and, in place of letter or number grades, our advisor writes us a narrative evaluation.

Our school is currently made up of three high-school juniors. We are Logan Patnaude, a photographer with great interest in all the different arts of the world; Tom Becker, an enthusiastic outdoorsman who is interested in environmental sustainability; and Giulia Rosenthal, a passionate learner interested in music, photography, and writing. We are each starting out on our journey to become the people we want to be in this life and together we are exploring the many opportunities we have at hand. Our close-knit team of three (plus our advisor, Kyle Callahan) allows us to have a comfortable and personal learning environment, but we are excited to welcome new minds to join us!

We have recently been working on many different projects, both as a group and individually. We held one exhibition at Green Mountain College back in the Fall, and our next one is on March 19th and 20th. As part of our work this year, we have each created websites for our own portfolios and/or businesses. We also completed a group project studying the first peoples of America. In addition to our group projects, we are each working on our thing. Giulia is producing a photography exhibition to be held at the Pawlet Library in February. Logan is working on a documentary entitled “Made In Vermont,” which will showcase local artists in southern Vermont, the end result of which will be premiered in February at GNAT, the local television station in Sunderland. After much exploration, Tom is starting to get his internship together: a trout restoration project that will touch on many different stretches of the Mettowee River in the Pawlet and Poultney areas. He is looking forward to the warmer weather to help the project get going in earnest.

We would like to invite you to come learn more about our school at our informational sessions on January 26th in Manchester and February 6th in Rutland. For more information, contact Greg Rosenthal, the Director of LiHigh School, at (802) 488-4191.

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