The Human Aspect

In Smithstonian Magazine’s, “Why are Finland’s Schools Successful?,” Pasi Sahlberg, a former math and physics teacher who is now in Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture, answered the question in the title by saying, “We prepare children to learn how to learn, not how to take a test.

Timo Heikkinen, a Helsinki principal with 24 years of teaching experience, added, “If you only measure the statistics, you miss the human aspect.

Here at the LiHigh School, our primary goal is for students to become excited to learn, and to develop the skills that will allow them to become lifelong learners. That isn’t something that can easily be measured with a test, but it is something that you can see. It’s a curious look in the eye and the smile that accompanies the students’ pursuits of innovative and challenging solutions.

As Kirkkojarvi Comprehensive School principal, Kari Louhivuori, says in the article, “This is what we do every day: prepare kids for life.