Where We Are

Located in Poultney, Vermont

Most of our students come from towns in Rutland & Bennington Counties, but we welcome students from anywhere in Vermont.

Who We Are

About Us

Our History

Founded in 2006, LiHigh School has grown from a small handful of students with just a few staff to a full-fledged democratically run institution with almost thirty students, more than a dozen staff, four distinct programs, and a student-driven cafe. We also grew to occupy three different buildings in Poultney and a seven-acre wooded campus with a private pond in Wells. If that’s what we did in our first ten years, we can’t wait to see what the next decade will bring!

Our Vision

School ought to be a a place where curious and passionate individuals feel free to explore their interests and passions with the support of compassionate individuals who can help them develop their skills and understanding in a real and meaningful way. It doesn’t matter if the student is gifted and talented or struggling with a learning or behavioral disorder — every student ought to be inspired and empowered by their day.

Our Team

The staff of LiHigh School is comprised of professionals from all walks of life. Nearly 50% of our staff members have a Master’s degree. Several are licensed teachers. We have dancers, writers, filmmakers, hikers, farmers, counselors, runners, builders, fathers, mothers, artists, musicians, and so much more. But all of them, regardless of background or experience, come to school everyday ready to share their passion for learning.

What We've Done

Student Projects

Our students have completed a number of incredible projects. Here is some insight into just a few of them.

Poultney Mural
capstone projects
Localmotive Cafe
culinary projects
Thoreau’s Cabin
building projects
Some Numbers To Know
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It's never too late to start enjoying school again.

What We've Been Talking About

Latest News

Our Graduation Rate

27% On Saturday, we graduated two more students from LiHigh School. They were, respectively, the 12th and 13th individuals to receive a high school diploma from us. During his introductory …

LARPing with LiHigh

Last Friday morning, if you drove past the front lawn of our school, you probably did a double-take. A sort of tournament was taking place. Two opponents, clad in armor …

Our Trip to Gettysburg & Washington D.C.

Mark Twain observed in his book, The Innocents Abroad, that, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” For the past several years, students who met specific therapeutic goals have …